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The difference between gantry milling and boring machine and

gantry milling and boring machine and gantry milling machine

The structure and function of the gantry milling and boring machine and the gantry milling machine are different.
1. The milling machine consists of a door frame, a bed workbench and an electrical control system.
The portal frame consists of a column and a top beam with a beam in the middle. The beam can be moved up and down along the two column guide rails. There are 1 or 2 milling heads with vertical spindles on the beam for lateral movement along the beam guides. A two-stage milling head with a horizontal spindle can also be mounted on the two columns for lifting movement along the column guide. These milling heads can machine several surfaces simultaneously. Each milling head has a separate motor (up to 150 kW), shifting mechanism, steering mechanism and spindle components.
The horizontal long bed has a movable workbench and is covered with a shield. During machining, the workpiece is mounted on the table and is then fed longitudinally.
There are also some variants of the portal milling machine to suit different workpieces.
1 gantry boring and milling machine: the beam is equipped with a milling and boring milling head
The gantry milling head has a spindle (sleeve or ram) that can be used for axial motorized feed and has a fine motion adjustment device with a fine adjustment speed as low as 5 mm/min. Boring and milling operations are possible.
2 gantry drilling and milling machine: the power head is mounted on the beam, and the drilling and milling operations can be completed by the drill or the milling cutter.
The gantry milling machine bed is equipped with an X-axis guide rail, and the gantry milling machine table is fastened to the bed. The gantry frame is arranged on the movable cross-frame of the workbench, and the gantry frame further comprises: a gantry carriage, and the gantry carriage is clamped on the X-axis guide. The Z-axis guide rail is mounted on the gantry. The beam is provided with a Z-axis carriage, and the beam is movably clamped on the Z-axis guide rail through the Z-axis carriage, and the Y-axis guide rail is further mounted on the beam. The milling device and the milling device of the gantry milling machine are arranged on the Y-axis guide rail, so that the gantry frame is subjected to three-dimensional space milling processing of X, Y and Z under the control of the numerical control circuit control system. The CNC portal milling machine has high precision milling, drilling, boring and cutting operations.
2, gantry boring and milling machine with boring, drilling, milling, grooving and other processing functions; with high-precision rotary table, right-angle milling head and other functional accessories, can achieve five-sided processing, is used in metallurgy, energy, electricity and other industries Ideal for machining large parts such as steam turbines, generators and heavy machinery.
Mainly applicable:
1. Parts with complex shape and high processing precision, which can not be processed by general machine tools or difficult to guarantee the quality of processing;
2. In the process of processing, multi-process processing must be carried out. For example, milling, boring, boring or tapping must be completed in one setup;
3. Shells or box-type parts that are difficult to measure, difficult to control, and difficult to control cavity size.
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