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Brief analysis of the working mode and working principle of

working mode and working principle of the gantry planer machine

The gantry planer machine has a gantry frame and a horizontal long bed planer. The gantry planer machine is mainly used for planing large workpieces, and it can also process multiple parts at the same time on the workbench. It is the industrial master machine. The table of the gantry planer machine has a linear reciprocating motion through the door frame with the workpiece, and the idle stroke speed is greater than the working stroke speed. The beam is generally equipped with two vertical tool holders. The tool holder slide can be rotated by an angle in the vertical plane and can be fed transversely along the beam; the gantry planer machine can be moved vertically or obliquely on the tool holder; It can be adjusted up and down on the two columns. A side tool holder that can move up and down along the column is also installed on the two columns to expand the processing range. When the table is returned, the tool can be lifted to avoid scratching the surface of the workpiece. The drive of the machine tool table can be used with the generator-motor unit or with the thyristor DC speed regulation mode. The speed regulation range is large, and a large driving force can be obtained at low speed. Some planers are also equipped with milling heads and grinding heads. They are modified as gantry milling machines and gantry milling machines. The worktable can be used for both fast main motion and slow feed motion. It is mainly used for heavy workpieces. Machining, milling and grinding planes are performed in one installation.
working principle
The planing process of the gantry planer machine is the process of relative movement between the workpiece (on the planing table) and the planer. This is the frequent reciprocating motion of the gantry planer machine. The movement of the planing table is divided into manual jog operation and automatic reciprocating cycle operation.
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