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Several working methods of fiber laser machine(2)

Several working methods of fiber laser machine(2)

Laser flame cutting:

The difference between laser flame cutting and laser melting cutting is that oxygen is used as cutting gas. With the help of the interaction between oxygen and heated metal, a chemical reaction is produced to further heat the material. Because of this effect, the cutting rate of structural steel with the same thickness can be higher than that of melting cutting.

On the other hand, the quality of the incision may be worse than that of the melt cutting. In fact, it will produce wider slits, obvious roughness, increased heat affected zone and worse edge quality. Laser flame cutting is not good at machining precision models and sharp corners (there is a danger of burning the sharp corners). Pulse mode lasers can be used to limit thermal effects, and the power of the laser determines the cutting speed. In the case of a certain laser power, the limiting factor is the supply of oxygen and the thermal conductivity of the material.

Laser gasification cutting:

In the process of laser gasification cutting, the material gasifies at the slit, which requires very high laser power.

In order to prevent the material vapor from condensing on the slit wall, the thickness of the material must not be much larger than the diameter of the laser beam. This process is therefore only suitable for applications where the elimination of melted materials must be avoided. In fact, the process is only used in a very small field of use of iron-based alloys.

This process cannot be used for materials, such as wood and some ceramics, which are not in a molten state and are unlikely to allow the material vapor to recombine. In addition, these materials usually have to achieve a thicker cut. In laser gasification cutting, the optimal beam focusing depends on the material thickness and beam quality. Laser power and heat of vaporization have only a certain effect on the optimal focal position. The maximum cutting speed is inversely proportional to the gasification temperature of the material when the thickness of the plate is fixed. The required laser power density is greater than 108W / cm2 and depends on the material, cutting depth and beam focus position. In the case of a certain thickness of the plate, assuming that there is enough laser power, the maximum cutting speed is limited by the gas jet speed.

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