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An important part in the design of hydraulic press bending

An important part in the design of hydraulic press bending

An important part in the design of hydraulic press bending

1. Determine the tonnage and maximum bending length of the bending machine.

2. According to the form and parameters of the national standard bending machine, find out the maximum opening height, slider stroke adjustment, throat depth, working speed ~.

3. Determine the diameter of the oil cylinder (very important, directly related to whether the nominal pressure can meet the requirements), it is OK to calculate according to the system pressure of 24.5mpa, and the stroke of the oil cylinder is determined according to the maximum opening height you find out. The size of oil pump and motor can be determined according to the working speed.

4. Determine the thickness of sliding block and worktable vertical plate ~ according to the deflection deformation formula of sheet metal, the maximum deformation is controlled at about 15 wires ~ the thickness of wall panel is the thickness of sliding block ~ ~ the width of working table is 2 times of the width of lower die

5. The hydraulic part should be designed according to the following actions: fast down slow down pressure maintaining unloading return.

In short, a hydraulic bending machine should have the following parts

1. Frame part 2, stroke adjustment mechanism 3, slide mechanism 4, synchronous mechanism 5, rear stopper mechanism 6, upper and lower die centering device 7, hydraulic system 8, electrical system

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