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Maintenance of hydraulic press bending

Maintenance of hydraulic press bending

First level maintenance

1. The machine tool runs for 600 hours for first level maintenance, which is mainly carried out by operators and coordinated by maintenance workers.

2. Cut off the power supply first, and then carry out maintenance work (see the table below).

Serial number

Maintenance parts

Maintenance contents and requirements


External maintenance

1. Wipe the machine tool without yellow robe and oil stain.

2. Complete the defective parts.


Upper slider

1. Check and adjust the parallelism between the upper slider and the workbench.

2. Check and adjust the direct control balance valve to prevent the upper slide from sliding.

3. Wipe the guide rail, screw rod and sliding surface.



1. Wipe the worktable and smooth the burr.

2. Wipe the material rack, screw rod and nut, and adjust the clearance.


hydraulic pressure


1. Clean the oil pump, filter screen and valve, and add lubricating oil.

2. Complete the missing parts and dredge the oil circuit.

3. Check the pressure gauge.

4. Check the quality and quantity of oil and add new oil as appropriate.


an electric appliance

1. Wipe the motor and electrical box.

2. Check and fasten the zero connection device.

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