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Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co., Ltd. radial drilling machine

Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co., Ltd. radial drilling machine operation process

1. Before work, the drilling machine and the amount of work card shall be comprehensively checked, and the work can be started only after confirming that there is no error.

2. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves. Girls should wear braids in their hats.

3. Workpiece clamping must be firm and reliable. When drilling small parts, it should be clamped with tools, and it is not allowed to hold the drill by hand.

4. When using the automatic tool feeding, select the feed speed and adjust the travel limit block. Manual feed, generally in accordance with the principle of gradual pressurization and gradual decompression, in order to avoid accidents caused by excessive use.

5. When adjusting the speed, stroke, clamping tools and workpieces of the drilling machine, as well as wiping the machine tool, stop the machine.

6. When there are long iron chips on the drill bit, stop the machine to remove them. It is forbidden to blow with wind or pull by hand. It should be removed by brush or iron hook.

7. When fine reaming deep hole, take out the round tool and pin bar, and do not use too much force to avoid hitting the tool by hand.

8. It is not allowed to turn over, clamp or measure the workpiece under the rotating cutter. Hands are not allowed to touch rotating tools.

9. When using the radial drill, there should be no obstacles within the turning range of the cross arm. Before working, the cross arm must be clamped tightly.

10. Objects are not allowed to be stored on the cross arm and workbench, and the processed parts must be clamped according to the regulations, so as to prevent serious personal injury accidents and equipment accidents caused by workpiece displacement.

11. At the end of the work, lower the cross arm to the lowest position, and the headstock should be close to the column and be clamped tightly.

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