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High Quality Metal Pipe Bender (JGWG-40Z)

The JGWG-40Z metal pipe benders designed,developed and manufactured by NFM.Includes mechanical drive and can make adjustments to workpiece by holding mechanically.Machine in JGWG series can bend such  workpieces as low-carbon and stainless round tubes,square tubes,steel angles,I-shaped steelstripes and round steel bars to achieve your desired shapes. Being specialized equipment for construction and beautfication works today,the JGWG series are widely applied in the field of building construction,decoration industry,furniture building and garden construction.   The equipment features "one-touth"  operation on single workpiece and data-program controlled mass processing. Being easy to operate,reasonable in composition, and low power consumption with high work efficiency,the equipment is ideal for bending metal pipes.
加工能力 Dimension of workpieces 圆管    Round pipe 最大Max. Φ40
最小Min. Φ16
不锈钢管  Stainless steel pipe 最大Max. Φ32
最小Min. Φ16
方管   Square pipe 最大Max. 40*40
最小Min. 16*16
弯曲角度 Angle of bending 180
主轴输出速度 Rate of main shaft rotation r/min 5
主电机性能 Performance of motor kw 1.5
r/min 1400
v 380
hz 50
液压电机 Hydraulic motor for specific purposes kw 1.1
r/min 1400
v 380
hz 50
包装尺寸 Dimension after packing L*W*H/mm 1120*650*1150mm
净重 Net weigh 380KG
毛重 Gross weight 430KG
随机磨具 Standard moulds Φ20、Φ25.4、Φ32.3、Φ38.1

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