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Metal stamping machine JGH-60

JGH-60 metal stamping machine is motor-driven equipment designed for the specific purpose of metal workpiece  processin.It can either work as an independent master machine or work in cooperation with machines for otherwise purposes.By working on the square and flat metal profile in he specified sizes with the your desired shapes and styles.The machine enjoys its superiority of cold stamping.Designs manufactactured with the machine are extensively used in industries involving architecture,decoration furniture building,and horticulture facility construction. 
方管模加工范围 working capacity on square steel tubes 12-80mm
JGH-BM008加工范围 JGH-BM008 range of working capacity 30-50mm
JGH-BM035加工范围 JGH-BM035 range of working capacity 40-50mm
DM004加工范围 DM004 range of working capacity 12-50mm
DM003加工范围 DM003 range of working capacity 14-60mm

项目 Description 参数Specification
最大加工尺寸 Max.working capacities  扁钢 Steel Stripes 60*10
方钢 Square bars 30*30
圆钢 Round bars Φ35
异型管 Irregular 100*50
主轴输出转速 (r/min)  Output rotational speed of main shaft 调节变频器frequency acceleration speed adjustmenal
电机参数 Specification of motor 功率 (kw)  Power(kw) 5.5
电压 (v) Voltage(v) 380v 50/60HZ 3PH
净重  Net weight(kg) 900
毛重  Gross weight(kg) 960
外形尺寸   External size(L*W*H)(mm)  1600*1290*1320
包装尺寸  Packing size (L*W*H)(mm) 1640*940*1350

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