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Circle-making machine JG-B-3

JG-B-3 circle-making machine is an power-driven equipment designed for specific purposes.It can either be used as an independent master or be used with machine for other purposes to for form production line. Using the machine,you may easily make and obtain different ornmaents and metal components for industrial pur poses out of square, round and stripe metal work pieces.Designs and components manufactured with the machine can be wudely used in industries involving building construction,decoration,furniture building and garden construction.As the machine is small in size,easy to operate and move,it is an ideal equipment for home workshops.
JG-B-3 技术参数Technical specification 
卷圆加工能力    Max.size of producing  Φ30*3mm
滚管 Rolling tube Φ70/Φ90/Φ114/Φ125
电动机 Motor 380V 50HZ 或or 220V 50HZ frequency功率  2.2kw 转数
外形尺寸 External size (L*W*H) 920*680*1200mm
包装尺寸  Packing size (L*W*H) 980*760*1230mm
净重 Net weight(kg) 460
毛重 Gross weight(kg) 500

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